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Adria A. Ellerbrock, MBA
Founder & Director
of Marketing



Even thought we all know communication can make or break a project or organization, it's still a tough skill to master.  I believe in the value of proactive communication and make a dedicated effort to "practice what I preach" in all of my consulting engagements.


Having a strong work ethic has always been important to me and my clients experience that quality through my reliability, responsiveness, and dedication to providing excellent  service and quality work.


I take my business as serious as you take your business.  I didn't become a consultant so I could try to fit work in when it was convenient...
I became a consultant so I could work hard and provide value to businesses who could benefit from my skill set and expertise.   

My forte is working with smaller, early stage or start-up companies that need a
professional resource who can wear a lot of hats and provide value in a variety of key
business areas,
whether through project support or consulting/strategic direction. 

My business, A Figure of Speech, Inc., is a Denver-based marketing firm that provides small-to-medium sized B-to-B companies in diverse industries with comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing services. 


As a marketing and technology consultant with over 30 years of practical experience, I provide value to my clients by offering services for multiple business functions.  Whether you need a hands-on marketing and technology professional for a short-term project, for a limited number of hours each week, or as a full-time experienced and professional executive, I can meet your needs. You and your team work directly with me, making the process more efficient and effective.

Unlike other consultants, I back my talk (plans and business strategy) with action (tactical deliverables and implementation). I deliver comprehensive services so ideas become actions that help you reach your target audience, gain market share, and contribute to your bottom line. 

As part of my preparation for running a successful business, I earned my M.B.A with a Marketing Concentration so I could back marketing deliverables with a strategic business focus.  These attributes make me a strong asset to any company or project.

My business expertise, M.B.A. education, hands-on experience, and broad strategic and tactical skill set have resulted in hundreds of successful projects and satisfied clients over the two+ decades I've been running my business. 

When I left Corporate America and started my consulting business in 1999, my original service offering centered on marketing/communications, and graphic/web design, so the name "A Figure of Speech" addressed both major service offerings. Through many successful consulting opportunities and completion of my MBA, I now provide strategic and tactical services related to marketing, technology, and operations (while still maintaining my roots in marketing and communications).

I have experience supporting companies in a number of different roles, including:

  • An outsourced contractor/consultant on a project or hourly basis

  • An ongoing resource or team member for a long-term or ongoing contract

I am an ambitious executive, dedicated business professional, and savvy entrepreneur.  My portfolio of clients and successful projects is a testimony to the service I deliver, the work ethic I honor, and the business I take pride in running. 


I welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your goals, and your business needs.

Learn more about my business philosophies and the qualities I bring to each consulting project.  Contact me to start the discussion...

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